What is a Suspended Ceiling?

As Friday afternoon arrives and you begin clock watching, waiting for the start of the weekend, it is likely that you’ll lean back on your chair and gaze up at the ceiling as you start to make plans of how you’re going to spend the next 48 hours. Unfortunately for many business owners, it’s at this time that they realise their current ceiling could do with a bit of work to get it back to its former glory. But before you call in the decorators to patch up the cracks and add a new coat of paint, why not consider a suspended ceiling from us here at CJ Ceilings?

A suspended ceiling can add many beneficial factors to your property, including improving insulation, the acoustics of the working environment and also the overall look of a decor; but what exactly is a suspended ceiling?

The simplest description of a suspended ceiling is that it is a secondary ceiling which hangs from the structural ceiling, and was invented in 1958 by American Donald A. Brown.

The construction of a suspended ceiling is extremely simple, as all it consists of is a metal grid which is suspended from your structural ceiling with supporting wires.

Once the metal grid work has been constructed and suspended from your current ceiling, you’ll be left with gaps, which are roughly 600mm by 600mm in size, ready to be filled by tiles, lights and air-grilles allowing you to get the look you want.

Here at CJ Ceilings, we have a variety of tiles available from wooden and metal through to polyester tiles; all of which come in a variety of colours giving you the ultimate choice of ceiling design; instead of the drab white artex you may currently have.

Next time 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon comes and you sit back in your chair to ponder the weekend, instead of looking up at the cracked ceiling you currently have which has seen better days; why not give us at CJ Ceilings a call and benefit from the advantages of installing a suspended ceiling.