What are the Advantages of Suspended Ceilings?

In this day and age, many of us are looking to make improvements to our properties. For some this may be a coat of paint, designing a feature wall or laying a new floor. Very few of us will think higher than the top of the wall and if we do, it’s usually to only add a new coat of white paint. However, if you want to improve more than the look of your room without spending a small fortune, suspended ceilings London are something that you should consider.

Here at CJ Ceilings, we specialise in providing a range of ceilings to properties throughout the London area, and over recent years we’ve found that many schools, shops and hospitals are turning their attention to suspended ceilings London, as they begin to see the advantages they can offer. These include:


Suspended ceilings conceal any pipe work, air vents or wires which can currently be seen on your ceiling, making the room appear neater and in the case of an office or workplace, more professional.

When it comes to choosing panels for a suspended ceiling, there are a range of colours available, so you will be certain of being able to find something which fits in with the look of the room. If you would like to make your room appear bigger, it’s possible to get mirrored tiles.


A suspended ceiling is attached to the original ceiling, but hangs down below it. This provides an extra level of heat insulation.

Along with providing heat insulation, the panels we provide for suspended ceilings London, act in a similar way to a sponge, but instead of absorbing water (many panels are now protected with a coating making them suitable to be used in humid conditions) they absorb sound, cutting down the noise that circulates in the building.

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