Types of Office Partitioning

Office partitioning has very many benefits to a business and all the stakeholders. The major benefits of office partitioning include cost-effectiveness, practicality, light, aesthetics as well as privacy. All these benefits all add up to improved performance of the business or organisation. However, there are many different kinds of businesses that are done by different people. The kind of office partition one organization may benefit from could actually not be beneficial to another. Hence, it’s a great idea to understand your business needs before making any office partitioning decisions. In general, there are various options of office partitions that your organisation could benefit from. The major types include:

1. Glazed/ Glass Office Partitions

If your workplace is a modern office, the one type of office partition that’s likely to suit you most is the glass partition. Most corporate buildings and offices are now opting for glass office partitioning so as to make them look more modern. Modern office partitions with glass fronts are now more attractive to companies than ever for various reasons. To potential customers, such offices are very impressive. They’re also quite appealing to the clients and customers aesthetically. The glass partitions give them the confidence that your organisation is more established and has a good image. Another benefit of glass partitions is that they allow natural light into the office better than any other option. The options of glazed office partitions are numerous and you’ll definitely find one to suit your individual office needs.

Glass office partitioning

2. Aluminium or Stud Office Partitions

These office partitions have proved to be among the top office partitions of choice with the ability to be very durable. This is despite the fact that it still has the capacity to provide a high level of flexibility. It can easily be installed, demounted and relocated as may be needed. The available options of aluminium office partitions are solid units, full glazed or partially glazed aluminium partitions. They can be installed easily and quickly resulting in very minimal disruption to the operations of the business or organisation. These partitions are available in a number of different styles and finishes. When used along with window treatments like blinds, these office partitions are a great way to achieve privacy in the office environment. This type of partition is also great for sound reduction at the workplace as well as in keeping fire off for a longer time period.

3. Wood/ Timber Office Partitions

In order to add some traditional look to the work environment, wood/ timber office partitioning is a great option. They’re suited for most kind of workplaces for creating a sense of classiness and warmth. For years, wood/ timber partitions have been favoured in the design industry as well as in the office setups. This is due to the fact they fit easily into any kind of office design. It also supplies the environment with a more natural feeling. They can either be solid full partitions or along with glazing to make the room brighter. The only concern for timber/wood partitions is that they can easily catch fire. However, if the right fire regulations are followed, this doesn’t really become much of a concern.


These are the three major types of office partitionings that are available. The types are named based majorly on the material used to make them. However, other factors like the form of the partition itself can also be used for grouping the office partition types.