Top office design tips to ensure your brand stands out

Your branding is incredibly important to your business as a whole. Whether it be your online presence, if you have stores for customers to visit or your office, making sure your brand stands out is key to building your business and thriving in the long term.

Here at CJ Ceilings, we are experts in Office Refurbishment in London and the surrounding areas and we have the experience and knowledge required to help you achieve all your goals when you decide it’s time to change things up within your premises.

The aim of this blog is to give you some insights into the things you will want to think about when deciding the end goals of your office refurbishment, yes you may need some new equipment or furniture but it’s not as simple as just buying some new desks and chairs! Let’s look into some of the more important things you should consider:

1.      Decide on your brand values

I’m sure you all have your brand, all companies will have a logo, a slogan, certain colour schemes with your own trademark but this isn’t enough. You need to decide exactly what your brand values are, to help you must think of your business as having its own personality. Think about how your customers perceive your company when they see your logo or hear your name what springs to mind.

2.      Make sure you make an effort to emphasise your key touchpoints

What I mean by this is to make sure when a customer visits your office they will know the key points of your business from a glance. Branding within the office is definitely not easy (that’s where we can help) and many companies can overdo this, there is nothing worse than walking into a building and have the logo on every wall.

You need to focus on the main points the customers will see and the main areas that your employees will be using. So the first touchpoint for most customers will be your reception, you want to ensure that when they enter the building they can gauge who you are and what services you provide. For your employees, you want to make sure that you give the right impressions, so in the working areas, you need a more direct work environment where as you would look to have a more relaxed feel in the areas they can use on their breaks.

3.      Make sure to differentiate between your customer and employee areas

Now, this touches on my last point slightly as well. When you are planning your new office design you will want to ensure that it’s clear which areas are for customers and which areas are only for staff. In most instances, your employees will view your business from a different angle than your customers.

You want to make sure that the areas the customers have access to are approachable but the areas for staff need to also send the right messages which mean getting the correct branding across your whole building.

4.      Ensure you have the correct colour schemes

Personally, I believe that if your brand has a nice vibrant colour then you should use this around your building where possible. It really helps set you apart and it helps links your brand, logo and online presence altogether.

I say ‘where possible’ as if your company has very bright vibrant colours then maybe it might not be a good idea to cover all your walls in this colour if you have a high-pressure job, this could end up being a bad idea.

5.      Showcase your products

Finally, if you are able to showcase your product in your building, then do so. Do this as much as possible, this is a fantastic interior design technique. If you have your products on show and customers can see them this links everything together even more and can help show the story of your business.

This will not work if you have a certain type of business but most will be able to showcase some of their products even if they are not able to be used/tested.

Now we have gone through some of the basic tips on how to make your brand appeal to the wider audience why not contact us here at CJ Ceilings to help design and implement your Office Refurbishment in London and the surrounding areas.