Three Ways to Reduce Office Noise Effectively

The hustle and bustle of the modern office is an environment within which many thrive. Often, a busy atmosphere can encourage further busyness, it can make for healthy interdepartmental relationships and it can cause conferring among teams for the best final product and ideas to be a part of the culture. To achieve this level of productivity, a fine balance must be exacted though, and in many offices up and down the country, the hum of hard work is simply too much; it’s too distracting and it fosters more negativity than positivity. In these circumstances, how can you turn this around? How can you dampen the noise and allow your people to get on with the task in hand? Here’re three easy ways to shrink office noise in your work place!


Open office plans are often seen as the future, a key component of the modern workplace. Whilst this can create lots of free flowing space and a beneficial, confluent environment, it also leaves the entire room open for noise reverberation. You’ll be hugely surprised how well simple desk or room partitions can work when it comes to reducing sound travelling from across the room. Best of all, they keep the open plan ideal in mind simultaneously – the perfect solution for any office undoubtedly!

Separate Meeting Offices

It’s good for employees to be able to see that meetings need not occur in private, and when groups are getting together out in the office, it gives off a great productivity-based vibe. Sometimes though, it can simply be too distracting for those close by. The solution? Extra offices are easy to add in thanks to modern dry lining or glass partitions, and even just a single separate space for those needing to conduct meetings could help your employees get on with the job at their desks!

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

When there’s lots happening on the floor above you, the thudding and stomping can quite easily drive you to distraction. Fortunately suspended ceiling tiles are the definitive solution to this, ensuring that noise is significantly stifled, whilst also making your ceiling easier to repair should something go wrong and easier to maintain than other traditionally implemented ceiling solutions!

These three things will help create an office equilibrium that ensures only the right amount of noises perforates the thinking space of your employees and makes for the perfect working environment. Give us at CJ Ceilings a call today for all these great office additions and more!