The Open Office: Partitions for Productivity

They say the idea of an open office figuratively opens the doors of the management and everyone in the team, to allow for an better, interdepartmental, and interpersonal relationship on the whole. It stops issues festering and it creates a flowing, relaxed environment that encourages productivity and job satisfaction. Here at CJ Ceilings though, we think the idea can be taken one step further.

Offices are constantly being redesigned to cope with growth and change. A dynamic business needs to stay at the cutting edge of its industry and as such, that often means moving personal, creating new departments and separating out more space for meetings. Now, a complete office refurbishment every time something like this is required would be prohibitively expensive, a needless, overbearing intrusion and of course, simply wouldn’t work. But then, how can you retain the ability to be malleable if you can’t account for significant office moves?

Fortunately, there is a solution, and that solution involves the latest in office furniture technology. Demountable partitions allow for larger scale office rearrangement when required, whilst retaining all the quality you’d expect from a solid, immovable office fixture. Though this may conjure images not completely dissimilar to a fully-fledged office built out of cereal boxes glued together, we assure you, our partitions offer unrivalled quality, sturdiness and the ability to be moved when necessary. Visually, they look the part, allowing your office to retain that updated, modern look, especially when used in conjunction with glass partitions.

Give us a call today and we’ll explain how we can revolutionize your work space in more than just aesthetic quality!

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