The Colour Factor: Planning the Perfect Premises

Colours in the office play a huge role in how we operate throughout the day. Whilst 50 shades of grey might invoke questionable literature out of the office, it’s known for quelling creativity, bland monotony and beige routine inside. Similarly, anyone would find it difficult to work amongst a brash splattering of multi-coloured walls that make your office look more like a child’s lucid daydream than a place wherein anybody could be expected to get anything done. That in mind then, finding the right colour and using it in a moderate, yet effective quantity is undoubtedly the key to making those decisions when it comes to office refurbishment.

But what do the colours mean? Is there one colour better for one type of work than another? Fear not brave reader, CJ Ceilings are here, yet again, to help!

Here are just a few of the emotions, phrases and feelings that the following colours are generally associated with.

Blue – Often the most popular choice for offices as studies show productivity excels when an employee’s view is tinted delicately blue. It’s also known for calmness, trust value, security and responsibility.

Orange – Orange is upbeat and cherry, excellent for creativity and encouraging energy throughout the office. It’s also associated with vitality, contentment and boldness.

Green –Works well in either either dark or light tones; for those with a job to do that’s infused with the need for creativity, forward thinking and grounded reasoning. It is often coupled with the idea of health, nature, money and prestige.

Purple – Purple is the colour of success; its rich tones are laden with the idea of regal wisdom, wealth and spirituality.

If you’re redesigning the office, our experts really can help on many levels; and with glass partitions, dry lining and many more tricks to turn your office into something marvellous that works for you and your team, give us a call today!

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