The benefits and uses of free standing office partitions

As the UK economy tends more and more towards the service industry, more and more jobs are office-based. With this has come an increase in research surrounding the office environment and productivity. Believe it or not, the layout and aesthetic of an office can have an impact on both the happiness and productivity of the employees that work there.

One thing that’ll affect this is the way in which the office is divided up, and that’s where office partitions come in.

metal and glass freestanding office partitions on wood floor

There are so many benefits of freestanding office partitions that you may have never even considered, and could even make you money! By transforming your workplace for the better, you can make your workforce more comfortable, more efficient, and ultimately, more productive.

The benefits of freestanding office partitions

The main reason for investing in office partitions is that they create privacy in the work place at low costs. Free standing partitions are also incredibly easy to set up, as they don’t require any fixings to be set up.

Creating some privacy in the workplace is good for two reasons. First off, employees are likely to feel more comfortable if they know that they have a bit of privacy, and not everything they do is on show. Secondly, it allows for greater concentration as visual distractions will be blocked by the partition.

Freestanding partitions in particular are a good idea because, although they create that sense of privacy, they don’t go too far and make employees feel cut off from the rest of the office like a wall might. As they don’t extend all the way to the ceiling, the office will maintain an open and airy feel whilst still separating off different sections and workstations.

The openness freestanding office partitions allow and create is one of their greatest assets. Whether you want to allow natural light to fill the office, or have overhead lighting, the partitions will soften the light, so employees won’t be beholden to harsh fluorescent lights or very bright sunlight especially on those (admittedly rare) sunny days. This will definitely make your office a much more pleasant place to work.

Free standing office partitions also come in a range of colours and materials, so you’re bound to find something that suits the design of your office and the tone of your brand. This is another major benefit of free standing partitions: they can help improve the aesthetic quality of your office, giving organisation to space and your office a professional feel. Plus, by purchasing office partitions that specifically add something to the office aesthetic; for instance, brightly coloured partitions can transform a drab office into a more colourful and enjoyable space.

Uses for freestanding office partitions

The primary use of office partitions is in the name: to partition. They can be used to section off different departments or teams within your office, or to help improve the focus of employees in one team. The fact they’re so easy to install and move means freestanding office partitions are incredibly flexible, so if you suddenly decide to reorganise staff or create a new team for that exciting new project you’ve started, it’s easy to create a new section in your office.

So, whether you’re looking to give your employees a bit more privacy, or wanting to make your office décor a bit more exciting, freestanding office partitions are a simple, easy, and inexpensive option!

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