Suspended Ceilings for Offices London

It’s surprising how much a ceiling can affect the properties of a room. Not only does it revolutionise a room’s appearance, it also has a huge affect on light, heat and noise. High ceilings for example are characteristic of older buildings and, while commanding an impression of spacious grandeur, are expensive and difficult to heat. This is why many businesses opt for suspended ceilings London. Suspended ceilings transform draughty rooms in to warm, quiet environments wherein productivity is enhanced. If you’re looking to replace an old ceiling its worth taking a moment to consider what C J Ceilings can achieve.

We’ve been carrying out office refurbishments for over 25 years, which means that we’ve been able to develop and refine our services in suspended ceiling installation. We can offer solutions to a range of problems; some clients feel that their offices can become too loud and noisy at busy times. If this is the case then we have suspended ceiling tiling specifically designed to help absorb office noise and render busy periods more pleasant.

You might want avoid multiple light fittings for financial or environmental reasons without sacrificing the available light. The friendly team at C J Ceilings can help here too with reflective suspended ceiling tiles which disperse light and render many light fittings unnecessary.
For further efficiency our ceiling solutions also go toward reducing heating bills and keeping your company’s carbon footprint to a minimum by reducing the amount of heat lost through the structural ceiling.

Suspended ceilings London offer a range of benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. They can obscure unsightly pipe work and ventilation systems and are incredibly cheap and easy to maintain – with most companies able to replace tiles themselves. For a cost effective professional and practical ceiling solution, why not get in touch with our expert team here at C J Ceilings.

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