Partitioning Systems for Offices in London

Next time you’re at work, take a look around the office and ask yourself this question; how is the layout contributing to company productivity and efficiency? Offices exist in a variety of designs and layouts and construction specialists are constantly innovating to create fresh new designs in which businesses can flourish. Here at C. J. Ceilings our particular area of expertise is partitioning London. With 25 years experience, we’re passionate about using our skills and products to have a high impact on how smoothly an office operates, whilst facilitating low levels of disruption for employers, employees and their clients.

We offer two distinct types of office partitioning; drywall partitioning and low scale moveable or glass partitioning. Each method has its own pros and cons and the C. J. Ceilings team will be able to advise regarding the strengths and limitations of each type.

In the simplest terms office partitioning systems are designed to dissect an office space into manageable areas. This might be to create new offices, differentiate between departments or simply for aesthetic reasons. However, the secret to the most successful use of partitioning lies in an accurate evaluation of the clients’ needs.

Perhaps you require additional privacy for meetings or client consultations? In this instance, demountable partitioning might provide the best solution, given the fact that we supply a variety of styles with differing degrees of translucency and that this type of partitioning can be moved to shield different areas of the office according to requirements.

Maybe blocking out intrusive sounds is a high priority for a redesign. In this scenario the C.J Ceilings team might recommend a drywall construction, as this could offer additional soundproofing for occupants. It’s clear that the systems used for office partitioning London are many and varied; get in touch with our advisers for more information.

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