Office Refurbishment- The Perfect Way to Motivate Staff?

Considering that the average employee spends a third of the day in the workplace, it can be very easy for staff members to get stuck in a rut and lose motivation. This is especially true if employees are coming into the same bland and uninspiring workspace every day, since this can lead to an increase in staff turnover as employees look for new and stimulating surroundings. However, there are ways in which you can prevent this from happening, so take a look at how a well-planned office refurbishment can help and motivate staff and boost productivity.

The effects of fresh and vibrant settings

You can help your staff feel refreshed and energised every time they come into work by updating the décor and adding some vibrant design elements, like miniature gardens or ergonomic office furniture. Even changing the paint colour on the walls to soothing shades of green or blue or stimulating orange tones can make a world of a difference and infuse new life into your office settings.

Getting staff involved

Getting your staff involved in the design process is a great way of making them feel that they are a valuable part of the company. Since they are going to be spending eight hours a day in the newly refurbished office, it is only fair to give them the opportunity to put forward their ideas and suggestions on how they want their work area to look.

Office features that improve productivity and enjoyment

While you are planning your upcoming office refurbishment, don’t focus only on design or layout features and make sure to include other aspects, like updating the existing office equipment. Perhaps it’s time to replace the printers or photocopiers with modern and time-saving models that make these tasks a breeze instead of a constant source of frustration. Other areas to look into include vending machines and lighting features that reduce eye discomfort and make the working day a little bit more enjoyable.

It is obvious that an office refurbishment can be instrumental in helping motivate your staff so that they strive to do the best they can. If you need the assistance of experienced and reliable professionals, at C.J. Ceilings we can help you transform your current working environment and turn it into a modern and inspirational space.

Our company specialises in planning and carrying out office refurbishments and bespoke office interior design using top-of-the-range materials and innovative solutions, like suspended ceilings and office partitions. We can assist you through every stage of the refurbishment process, from the initial survey to the final touches so give us a call today to obtain a free and non-binding quote and let us help you out with your office refurbishment plans.

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