Office Refurbishment Specialists London; Changing The Way Your Business Works.

Staff productivity is key to the success of a business; if employees are happy and comfortable in their working environment, they are often much more likely to produce good results. For this reason it is important for business owners to carefully consider the interior of their premises.

CJ Ceilings & Son, specialise in office refurbishment London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol areas. They offer a variety of products and services that aim to encourage productivity in the work place including; partitions, suspended ceilings, interiors and furnishings.

They principally focus upon the supply and installation of suspended ceilings and partitions, these alone can have a significant effect upon the way that a business works due to their varying properties;

Suspended ceilings and ceiling tiles can include a range of features such as light reflecting and soundproofing technologies. Light reflecting tiles can increase the efficiency of light fittings by deflecting light around the room; this could potentially mean that fewer light fittings are required. Acoustic tiles absorb sound, preventing it from travelling around an office space and disrupting members of staff.

Another product that CJ Ceilings & Son offer to prevent disruption to staff members in an open plan office space is partitions. These can be used to create sections for members from particular departments to work in.

In addition to partitions, these office refurbishment specialists provide a selection of services to create a floor plan in an office space, including the insertion of dry walls. These are a cheaper alternative to standard walls and can be used to create rooms within the office.

If you are a business owner and you feel as though your workplace could be used more efficiently to boost productivity, contact London based office refurbishment specialists, CJ Ceilings & Son to arrange a no obligation site visit.

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