Office partitions: what is available to you?

Over the years, office partitioning has undergone a lot of changes including the materials used, the designs available and from being a permanent structure to a movable object. Nowadays office partitions can be extremely efficient and versatile to help you organise your office exactly how you want. If you are planning an office refurbishment but want to do it for a lower cost, you are now able to have your most preferred type of partitioning at the place of work. Partitioning the office has lots of benefits for the employees. These include privacy, reduction of distractions, noise reduction, boosting of the office appearance, and provides employees with more individual storage spaces. Today, there are many office partitioning types that you’re at liberty to choose from. The main types are as follows:

1. Glass partitions

These are also referred to as glazed partitions. They lack frames and are made of aluminium and glass. They are available for buying full or half height panels. If Venetian blinds are installed along with this type of partitions, the employee benefits from the much-needed solitude and privacy. Glass partitions are able to reduce noise but allow enough light into the room.
metal and glass freestanding office partitions on wood floor

2. Standard partitions

They are commonly referred to as half-eighth dividers and are the most widely used office dividers. They are usually formed into cubicles which are a good source of privacy. They are portable and can be moved to whatever part of the office you need. This type of partition is generally built to have four walls and is capable of providing enough workspace. It can accommodate a work desk, computer space and other things used in the office.

3. Floor to ceiling partitions

As the name suggests, these partitions cover the full height of the office building. The frame of the floor to ceiling partitions is covered with cloth but the rest of it is metallic. They give an employee the liberty of moving them from one point to another. These partitions can also be arranged to meet one’s requirements. In case they are not needed anymore, they can be removed from the building without any issues.
glass office partitions

4. Portable partitions

Portable partitions are so called due to the fact that they are built on rollers. This makes it extremely easy to roll them from one place to another when and as required. Thanks to their makeshift nature, they are suited for creating office arrangements that are temporary. The problem with these office partitions is the fact that they are not very efficient for noise reduction or provision of privacy. These are used more often in large open areas rather than in offices.

5. Operable partitioning walls

Suitable for most room division purposes, operable partitioning walls are aesthetically pleasing and versatile. They are commonly used for the division of hotel reception rooms, meeting and conference rooms, lecture halls, school halls, and restaurants.

6. Soundproof partitions

As the name suggests, these partitions are suited for places where noise is a huge concern.

7. Storage wall partitioning

This type of partition serves two major purposes at the same time. They are used as a form of storage space while serving to partition the room as well.
Colourful office partitions

8. Fire Rated Partitions

This type of partition is widely used in staircases and lift lobbies as well as in corridors of most buildings. Its use at these specific places is to ensure that legal requirements are conformed to by the buildings.


The choice of partition for your office is entirely up to you. This is because each and every person has the unique needs they expect to be met by office partitioning. Hence, ensure you understand the specific goals of partitioning before you go ahead and install any type of partition. If you need any help deciding and once you have made that choice then make sure you contact us here at CJ Ceilings.