Office Blocks: Invigorating the Office Environment

It seems that at one point or another during our time, most of us will come to work in an office of some description. As the residential estate of the world of commercialism, just about every company these days has itself an office, whether it’s Barclay’s skyward One Churchill Place headquarters, or the Human Resources centres of McDonalds, we live in world built on the backbone of hardworking people in rooms full of computers. How then, do we invigorate such an environment? When workplaces like these are often synonymously associated with the dull, colourless routine we all feel bound to from time to time, what can you do to change all that? Fortunately, there certainly is an answer.

Short of hitting the office jackpot and ending up working at Facebook, wherein the primary function of its building appears to be a lounge or industrial bean-bag storage, then you’re likely to consider your office a collection of parallel desks, and lots of computers, paperwork and stationary. The catch is though, if you can shake up this environment to just the right degree, you’ll see a storm of improvements across all aspects of your workforce.

For example, employees that are coming to work in a positive environment are more likely to be dedicated, productive, creative and loyal, which, of course, are all hugely promising factors contributing to improved output, rate of work and staff retention.

So, the nitty-gritty. Here’re a handful of elements you can change today that will have a huge effect on your workplace.

Layout – Starting at the beginning then; space is a key issue in terms of employee happiness. Nobody likes to feel cramped and claustrophobic, and indeed, being so is quite literally stifling to both creativity and motivation. Create a staff relaxation room; somewhere for employees to escape their desks and switch up the scenery. A concentrated 30 minutes of work, with a fifteen minute break is better in terms of quality than an hour spent idly trying to focus on a single piece of work. Give your employees the opportunity for this.

Of course, glass partitioning also helps to enthuse the idea of space throughout the office, and this should be usede in conjunction with the careful alignment of your desks and office furniture.

Light – Lots of light creates a fresher atmosphere; as opposed to the, again stifling atmosphere perpetuated by a dingy darkness. With eye strain reduced, concentration increased and the fact that light also contributes to the perceived spatial integrity of the department, the inlet of sun and natural sources of light should always be considered.

Colour – Whites, beiges, greys, even blacks; all colours commonly turfed into the dreary office imagery folder. Like light and space, colour helps to invigorate the mind, and bright and bold greens and yellows are being used more commonly on office furniture throughout the country. The internet houses a number of resources explaining the psychology of colour, so perhaps search for an infographic and paint your office appropriately!

The Toppings – Finally, galvanize your workplace with a few of the trimmings that can transform any room from four walls to a living space. Adding plantlife to the desks and sills, paintings and artwork to the walls and music to the atmosphere can completely renovate the way an office is viewed from an employee’s perspective.

Follow these simply rules, and make the most of your office, and your team, and don’t forget, CJ Ceilings can provide you with complete modern office refurbishment services! Give us a call!

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