Modern Suspended Ceiling Methods Available

The overall productivity of your offices could be being hampered by what is right above you – your ceiling. This may sound absurd and you might think you have many more pressing matters to deal with, but the wrong ceiling can make noise pollution worse, affect lighting and create an eyesore throughout the building; all of which take a large dent out of team morale, pride, and you guessed it – productivity. Here at CJ Ceilings & Sons, we can install a suspended ceiling in many different methods to cater to your own office’s needs.

Our speciality lies in supplying and installing these modern and high-quality suspended ceilings to provide your workplace and the staff beneath with many different benefits. Below are just some of the advantages you will gain, making you wonder how you used to put up with your current ceiling:

Enhanced Lighting

If you’re currently working in a dim office and your eyes begin to hurt as the long, dark winter night closes in each afternoon (causing you to take a break from work and lessen productivity); our light reflecting suspended ceilings can provide the brightest and most cost-effective solution. Instead of spending money on installing multiple light-fittings, replacement bulbs every few months and a more expensive electricity bill, this ceiling method will deflect light around the room and make it a brighter environment.

Reduced Noise

If noise protruding from the floor above is becoming a problem for employees who can’t even focus on the task at hand, our acoustic ceiling tiles can effectively absorb sound and significantly reduce noise pollution. This soundproofing method can consist of acoustic hangers or an independent suspended ceiling.

A Better Appearance

Working in a more attractive office can boost an employee’s pride in their work. If you have recently installed an air conditioning unit for instance, this will be aiding the workplace but also creating an eyesore in the process. Our modern suspended ceiling will cover this up and create a seamless appearance throughout.

If you’re now considering a suspended ceiling, call us today and we’ll come anywhere in the UK for a full site survey with no obligation.

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