Information about Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

If you are curious about the benefits of investing in suspended ceilings but are uncertain about the core facts, then here at CJ Ceilings we are happy to help. The beneficial properties of choosing an acoustic dropped ceiling are substantial. With over 20 years of experience here at CJ Ceilings we pride ourselves on giving you an impeccable service and reliable information about the products you are thinking of purchasing.

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption is one of the more popular reasons for choosing to install suspended ceilings. Dropped ceilings are designed to dramatically lower any sound transmitted through connecting rooms. They also act to absorb noise levels within a room and this is why dropped ceilings are often seen in gyms, schools and high profile offices. It absorbs any harsh sounds and improves the general ambience of a room.

Aesthetic Improvement

Your current ceiling may have unsightly pipes running across it or units, making the appearance of your ceiling run down. Suspended ceilings can easily conceal any pipe work or units, giving a clean and professional finish to your room.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of installing new suspended ceilings is a lot more reasonable than the cost of installing some other kinds of ceilings. Suspended ceilings can also save you money on your utility bills by providing an extra layer of heat installation.

Health and Safety

A large proportion of the tiles used in dropped ceilings match existing fire regulations, which is vital for the on-going safety of your employees. Hygiene is also a positive aspect of investing in suspended ceilings; this is why they are often seen in hospitals where hygiene is of a paramount importance.

Reviewing the benefits of installing suspended ceilings it is easy to see why they’re a popular choice for many different work environments. At CJ Ceilings we will go through all the different options in detail to assess which dropped ceiling would be the most beneficial for your working location and atmosphere.