Office features that improve motivation and productivity

Where one works is just as important as the kind of work that they do. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between employee productivity and their environments. It’s also been found out that an office with a proper design boosts the productivity of the employees by up to 20%. Office refurbishment is a popular way of improving the productivity and motivation of employees. If you make your office environment modern, you’ll be able to keep your current employees engaged and motivated. It can also attract new employees to your business or company. The following office features have the capacity to motivate employees and cause them to be more productive:


If the office environment has bad air quality, the production of workers and even their health is affected negatively. Without proper ventilation, there can be occurrences of symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, coughing, and many others. This can cause absenteeism rates and decrease employee performance by about 10%. If your office is not well aerated, ensure you carry out an office refurbishment to keep the air circulating by installing a good ventilation system.

Sleek modern office

Entertainment Room

If your employees can have fun when at work, they feel motivated and are therefore likely to be more productive. The entertainment helps them to clear their minds and creates a stronger commitment. Things like chill out zones where they can watch television, play video games, or plastic balls have the ability to work magic on the productivity levels of office workers. These activities help in clearing heads after a busy or stressful period thereby helping them to gain focus again.

Office Library

According to experts, a 30-minute pleasure reading in a single day is enough to make workers be more efficient. It helps in dealing with anxiety, stress, and improves employee focus. This is especially a great idea for your workers if they are always engaged in stressful working conditions.


Sitting for long hours at workers has been found by researchers to be just as bad as smoking. It’s also a major cause of absenteeism among employees. The most common problems that employees have to deal with nowadays include leg pain, back pain, and neck strain. You should, therefore, ensure that you have ergonomic chairs in the office. The arrangement of the workspaces should be adjusted in accordance with the worker’s body. Better yet, you can consider introducing standing desks. If the office furniture is boring, the employees will lose interest in their work.

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It’s common knowledge that natural lighting has the ability to boost the productivity of employees, so it’s important to put some thought into the artificial lighting you install before you buy it. Choosing the right temperature for your LED office lighting could make a big difference in the moral and productivity of your staff so it’s certainly worth taking into consideration and ensuring you’re buying the optimal brightness and colour temperature for your offices.

Office lighting is and has been for the longest time, a major factor affecting the productivity of employees. A dark office may cause employees to feel sleepy. On the other hand, if there is too much light and the office is too bright, the employees experience eyestrains and headaches. Therefore, ensure that the office has natural light. Natural light has the ability to boost the productivity of employees. It makes the workers have a better quality of life outside the office and enhances their sleep. By incorporating as much natural light as possible, you ensure the workers’ well-being.


These are the five top features brought about by office refurbishment or design to boost the productivity of workers by keeping them motivated. These alongside many other simple office features are the most effective ways to provide a better work environment to your employees.