Ideas to Spruce Up Your Office

A great looking office can make a big different to the mood and the motivation of your staff. A dull, clinical office will leave you staff mimicking the feel of the room – gloomy and unmotivated. Whereas a bright, integrated office will create more of a team spirit and will boost morale. So here at CJ Ceilings we have come up with a few handy tips to spruce up your office so your staff will look forward to coming into the office every morning oozing with positive work ethics and brimming with new ideas for your business.

Suspended ceilings

Here at CJ Ceilings we specialise in the installation of suspended ceilings and our years of experience in the industry has taught us that not only will suspended ceilings help reduce noise and your fuel bills they can also help create a good mood in the office. After you’ve hidden all the ugly wires away behind the ceilings it leaves a much cleaner, smoother finish as well as a more homely feel.

Office Partitioning

This is also a great way of changing the dynamics of your office and creating a more team focused space for your staff. Our partitioning enables you to create separate spaces for your teams of employees to work in and the partitioning can also be rearranged as your workforce expands. If your office is a little short of space you could always use glass partitioning which can make the office feel more spacious and airy.

Simple Ideas to Help Brighten Up Your Office

–    Having pretty flowers and plants dotted around the office always has a positive impact
–    A fish tank is a great addition to the office, keeping both staff and visitors entertained
–    Let your staff add  personal touches to their desk like family photos, this will help make your office a brighter and more interesting environment
–    Paint wooden furniture or the odd wall in a bold color. A bright office creates a more inspirational environment

If you think suspended ceiling or wall partitions are just what your office needs then get in touch with us today and let our expert team show you the stunning office we can create for you. To contact us click here.

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