Office Refurbishment – How Office Decoration can improve productivity

Office refurbishment is a vital factor for improving the general productivity at the workplace. There are various ways of incorporating office refurbishment at your place of work. Office decoration is one way to refurbish the office environment so as to make employees more productive. Under office decoration, there are numerous options for you to use to be able to push the productivity levels of employees much higher. The following are some of the ways to use office decoration to help improve the general productivity level in the work environment:

1. Make use of Natural Lighting

The natural lights have the ability to reduce eye strain, lift worker spirit and even make the office environment to appear larger than it actually is. This kind of light also helps in regulating the circadian rhythm and aids in the triggering of the production of vitamin D. With the proper use of natural daylight at the workplace, you’ll be increasing productivity as well as saving on the office energy bills. To maximize the amount of light falling over the workspace, the desks can be placed near windows.

Office decoration

2. Smart Office Set Up

Every office has its own unique design. The office set up is one of the most important productivity factors as it determines how the office space will be used by workers. A properly arranged office can adjusts to the way in which employees work. The office then functions to create an easy-to-navigate and convenient office. This makes workers feel more relaxed and therefore, able to have a better concentration on the tasks they have.

3. Use of Stimulating Colours

Certain studies have shown that some colours can result in depression and melancholic feelings when used in the workplace. As much as colours may affect women differently from men, it’s a known fact that colours profoundly affect concentration, mood, creativity and productivity of individuals. Blue is a great base colour and is known for its ability to enhance productivity and calmness. Green is great for where workers work for longer periods. It promotes calmness and efficiency. Yellow is a cheerful hue that boosts optimism and creativity. For trades that are demanding physically, red colours are the best choice of colour. It’s associated with emotion and passion.

4. Use of Plants

There are numerous benefits of plants at the workplace. They affect the moods of employees positively, reduce blood pressure and decrease stress. A study showed that workers who work in buildings with plants are more productive than those who work in places without them. It’s also been found out that the plants have the ability to reduce absenteeism and help in the retention of employees.

Office plant decoration

5. Use of the Furniture

When an employee is able to sit upright and be able to type, their thinking will be clearer. This result in more work output than those workers who often sit slumped over. For workers who sit for up to 8 hours daily, a large desk containing many compartments is important to make them feel comfortable and welcome since it allows for proper organization.


With these top 5 ways to improve the productivity at the workplace, you can help improve the productivity levels of the office workers by carrying out office refurbishment.