Full Height Glazed Partitioning Systems

Working in a completely open plan office can have many benefits, from managers being able to keep a close eye on their staff and work levels, through to different departments being able to communicate with each other without having to walk through a maze of doors and rooms. However, it can also have its drawbacks such as noise from different departments amalgamating thus making it difficult to concentrate. In these situations, full height partitioning London supplied and installed by us here at CJ Ceilings can assist.

Our team has over 25 years of experience within the office refurbishment industry, and we can supply a range of partitions each of which come with their many benefits. However, for those businesses which want to find the perfect middle ground between a fully open planned office and a segregated office, our full height glazed partitioning systems are a must.

A full height glazed partition system supplied and installed by us will enable everyone within the office to see what other teams and members of staff are up to – allowing managers and directors to keep an eye on productivity. However they also offer the privacy which comes with having segregated offices, allowing calls and meetings to be held in private without the whole office over-hearing.

The range of glazed partitions available from us here at CJ Ceilings are carefully selected from the top manufacturers and are guaranteed to meet the required standards to ensure you get a quality product which is suitable for your particular environment and which will last for years to come.

If your business has recently expanded and each department is becoming increasingly busy with the everyday business lifestyle, you may require the use of our partitioning London which will provide privacy and help keep noise from spreading throughout the office. For more information about our services or products, please give us a call.

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