Five Must-Have Items for Your Office!

Does your office look drab and dreary? Are your employees’ unmotivated and bored at work? If so, have you considered some ideas to inject the workplace with some vibrancy and life to get their mojo back up to optimal levels? There are many hints and tips that you can use to provide a vibrant, fresh and modern work environment that is sure to stimulate your workers into a better performance.

Invest in Ergonomics

While the thought of splashing out hard-earned funding on fancy chairs and wavy-fronted desks may seem to be a ridiculous waste of revenue, you may want to think twice! The entire principle of ergonomics is designed around making things work better and more efficiently and, when applied to the workplace, this can mean that your employees work better and more efficiently, representing an excellent return on the investment!

Instil some Greenery

It is a hard fact that offices that have plants in them are better to work in than dull, cheerless cubicles. Seeing a plant thriving on top of a filing cabinet or windowsill can inspire workers to keep their noses to the grindstone for longer, more productive periods of time. The few minutes per day spent watering the plant or removing any dead leaves is more than made up for by the extra work gained. Quite apart from this, a little bit of vivid colour, such as that provided by a flowering pot plant, can make the office a much nicer place to be.

Allow for Temperature Control

Workers operate best at a good temperature – cool in summer and warm in winter. A cold worker, with numb fingers and goose-bumps from the chill, is not going to be thinking about achieving targets or completing reports; rather they will be worrying about their chilled extremities! Installing an air conditioning unit that introduces a good range of temperatures can keep the office environment at a good, work-oriented temperature throughout the year. If the workers do not have to fret about being too hot or too cold, they are able to concentrate entirely on the job for which you pay them.

Reduce Outside Distractions

You do not have to tolerate the noise generated by a high level of traffic or construction work, even if the office is placed close to areas where these can occur. Installing a suspended ceiling can work as a noise trap, preventing the noise from affecting the peace of the office environment, which can enable your employees to get on with their scheduled tasks with absolute concentration.

Share the Space

While every worker appreciates a place to call their own in the office, dividing the space up into a multitude of small cubicles can create a very impersonal, rabbit-warren in which the individual gets lost. Instead, use glass for the partitioning. This can really open up the full expanse of a room, enabling workers to feel part of the office community and, incidentally, allowing managers to check on employees’ progress with a simple glance!

At CJ Ceilings and Son, we have more than twenty-five years’ experience at renovating and remodelling working environments. So if you think your work environment leaves a little to be desired, give us a call today! After all, a happy office breeds happy and productive workers!

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