Equalities Act Considerations for Office Refurbishment

In October of last year (2010) the government brought out a new policy entitled the Equalities Act. The main aim of the act was to prevent and remove discrimination against disability, age, sexual preference, race and religion within the workplace. This has meant that offices have had to adjust their in house policies to reflect this change. Here at CJ Ceilings & Son Interiors Ltd we appreciate that adjusting your current office to suit the needs of those who are categorised as disabled may be difficult. Subsequently, we perform office refurbishment London which considers and implements certain changes within your office so that it suits everyone.

Under the act, the workplace should make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to ensure that disabled people are not discriminated against. With our years of experience and expertise, the team at CJ Ceilings & Son Interiors Ltd are fully capable of incorporating certain changes in the new design of your office.

To ensure that your employees are all catered for in the final design, we will talk with those with disabilities to discuss what changes they feel are needed. Adjustments to your office may include:

– Fitting ramps rather than stairs.

– Arranging the office so that working spaces are easily accessible

– Supplying office furniture designed to aid the comfort levels of the employee – this often includes ergonomic chairs and bespoke desks

– Ensuring all amenities and facilities within the office are accessible.

If you contact CJ Ceilings & Son Interiors Ltd you will have an office space which is aesthetically pleasing, and is fluid in its overall design while incorporating key requirements for your members of staff. If you would like further information regarding office refurbishment London and our expertise, do not hesitate to contact the friendly team here at CJ Ceilings & Son Interiors Ltd. You can get in touch with us by simply phoning us on 0208 568 1077.

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