Design Options for Suspended Ceilings

It is likely that the one area of your office which doesn’t acquire a great deal of attention is the ceiling. In most cases, unless a bulb goes in the lights, it is likely that the ceiling is ignored completely, and why shouldn’t it – after all there isn’t a great deal that can be done to it other than adding a coat of paint. However strictly speaking this isn’t true, as we here at CJ Ceilings can lighten up your ceiling and rooms or corridors by installing suspended ceilings which come with a number of design options.

With over a quarter of a century of experience and know-how in installing suspended ceilings here at CJ Ceilings we can provide you with a ceiling that merits attention on a regular basis – and in a good way, not just because a bulb has gone in the light fitting.

Previously a suspended ceiling would be made up of a metal grid and dull, drab off-white tiles; which other than helping improve the light and sound within a room didn’t do much more. However, since this form of ceiling became increasingly popular within offices, hospitals and schools throughout the UK, the design options have varied dramatically.

It is still possible to get the off-white tiles, but why not be more adventurous with your suspended ceiling and install coloured tiles that fit in with the rest of your decor? Or how about having a multi-coloured ceiling with various coloured tiles/a chess-board effect with black and white tiles? Honestly the options are endless and forever increasing.

Here at CJ Ceilings, along with supplying a range of coloured tiles for your suspended ceilings from leading manufacturers, we also have a range of light reflecting tiles, which will reduce the need for lighting within your workplace, and acoustic tiles which will reduce the noise floating around the office.

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