Creative drop ceiling ideas for your workplace

Whilst we do a lot of regular and more cost-effective drop ceilings, more and more companies are seeing the creative potential in these office features. Bella Bathrooms are just one company of many who are attempting to utilise the benefits. With so many ways to utilise the space above our heads, be it for shops or workplace premises, this area is something you can use to your advantage, so that staff and customers alike will look up and be wowed rather than bored!

One example of this is utilising some unusual and innovative designs, such as curves and different levels of ceiling suspension. These can be used to complement your room shape or create innovative ways to frame your lighting, such as the image below of one of the ceiling refurbishments we provided.


Create a modern, urban look in your office with some old mismatched corrugated steel tiles instead of the usual white tiles. Rusty and rustic is the new fashion in London, and showing you are in with the trends can give your business a forward-thinking vibe, as well as creating an interesting atmosphere for those within your offices.

Wooden Ceilings


Go Scandic with walls (and ceilings) of wood. Using wood as your ceiling tile material can create a warmer and cosier feeling in your office, as well as a more modern one, and elongating the tile spaces like is done in this design, helps lengthen the room. Different shades will provide different feels – go very light or very dark for a more clean and modern feel, and a more medium shade will add warmth to the office or conference room.

You can also spruce up regular drop ceilings with some creative additions, such as these clip ons for ceiling tile borders, that are both a cheap and effective way to improve the appearance of your suspended ceiling.


We hope you found some of these ideas useful and for more office renovation ideas, check back again soon. To find out more about the suspended ceiling services we offer, visit our office refurbishments page.