Could Effective Partitioning Improve Workflow in your Office

Many in the field of interior design regard office layout as both science and art; each office is different, and each client has his or her own requirements. Effective use of a business space relies on strategies to enhance ergonomic, anthropometric and aesthetic principles that align your workers with their work in an environment that minimises distractions and reduces unnecessary work.


Offices need to meet many different and changing tasks, and renting out 1000 square feet may land you with an empty auditorium that you soon fill with a gaggle of players all trying to out-stage each other with demands and joke emails. Promotions and retirements can change the human landscape, necessitating a change in the physical environment, as new office spaces are needed when an area of business expands or decreases. Demountable partitions are an excellent way to meet these shifting landscapes, offering a versatility that you can adapt to the need for a new office cubicle, a soundproof conference room or a new file-dump.


According to statistics gathered from a wide variety of sources, 23% of all distractions are related to socialising with other colleagues. A further 33% of wasted time is attributed to workers feeling like they don’t have enough work to do. Using office space to partition various departments or groups can help workers focus on the task at hand, and arranging space so that workers have immediate access to information and resources can minimise both of these problems. Workflow is heavily determined by the amount of people occupying a space, and the ability of teams to communicate efficiently within that space. Too many people, and too many tasks being tackled at once, will automatically reduce efficiency.


Partitions create a sense of privacy and can also help a worker feel valued and respected. There are many styles and products to choose from in creating a space that embodies your business ethic, and well-crafted aesthetics are a morale boost for people who spend more of their waking time at work than anywhere else. Partitions come in a variety of forms, from thick and sturdy structures designed to cope with the weight of heavy filing cabinets, to frosted glass partitions that many choose for boardrooms. A far cry from the merely arbitrary, office design actually fosters a sense of ‘corporate image’ that workers respond to with either enthusiasm or ennui.

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