CJ Ceilings – Specialists in Both Design and Installation

A great end product always starts with intricate planning and careful consideration. This couldn’t be more relevant than when taking up the re-design and refurbishment of your office, as you will need to ensure this ‘new look’ and the new installations are all going to enhance the space, look and atmosphere inside your office. Taking care of the design all the way to the installation, CJ Ceilings give you the opportunity to keep all ideas in one place and maintain the same high standards throughout.


Practising the same expertise with the design process as we do with the installation side of our role, the CJ Ceilings design team have all the knowledge and experience required to advise you on what would be best for your own specific office space. Drawing up bespoke design plans and taking into account all of your requirements, we can factor in installations which will each be combined to create the desired effect utilising the following and much, much more:

–    Suspended Ceilings
–    Partitioning (including demountable and glass)
–    Dry lining
–    Acoustic Structure
–    Flooring


After viewing over all of our designs and this new, unique vision for your office, the CJ Ceilings expertise in installations will come right into action, as we will promptly set about reinventing your office with a major focus on time-efficiency and your businesses continued productivity. Whether you simply require a suspended ceiling to deflect more light around the room and absorb sound, or sleek and modern glass partitioning to create a structured floor plan while keeping everyone inside connected, then we will utilise the highest quality products to ensure your interiors reach their absolute best potential.

For over 25 years in both design and installation, there can only even be one company to call – CJ Ceilings.

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