Bespoke Office Refurbishment Manchester

Often, many businesses know that they require an office refurbishment Manchester or the surrounding areas, yet don’t have a clear design in mind. In fact, it’s quite normal to have no idea how a new or existing office space should be designed. If you’re considering changing your office space, or are looking for an interiors specialist for new build projects then look no further than CJ Ceilings and Sons Interiors Ltd. The first thing to do is consult industry professionals like us, as we can give clients an idea of what is possible, the proposed benefits and an idea of cost.

While aesthetics may be at the forefront of your mind, the team here at CJ Ceilings have learnt that there are other considerations to take into account when refurbishing an office. We might enquire as to your working hours for example and how many staff and/or departments are working in the area.

This on site client research is the result of our experience in the industry and can make the difference between a satisfactory redesign and a truly stunning and practical refurbishment. For example, if your office has late working hours it would be conducive to use light reflective tiles in your suspended ceiling, as this would reduce the amount of light fittings required to light the office after dark.

We always aim to make the optimum use of space available too, whether for office files and equipment or employees themselves. For this reason, we often collect details of extra staff coming on site, or how often clients and customers visit.

This is because we might recommend a glass partition for example, which creates conference space for periodic meetings or leisure/rest facilities for staff and visitors. With the team here at CJ Ceilings, specialists in office refurbishment Manchester, your office can be whatever you want it to be; it is truly bespoke. For professional expertise, get in touch with a consultant this summer.

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