Acoustic Suspended Ceilings Manchester

If you’re looking into suspended ceilings Manchester for your business, office or public sector property then you’d do well to consider their acoustic advantages. Many consumers purchase ceilings systems without considering this essential part, and unfortunately this can lead to problems later on. Here at C J Ceilings we have an enviable level of experience in this industry which has taught that it’s essential our customers are informed of every potential benefit of their purchase before it is made; this way, they’re completely satisfied with the end result. So why might an acoustic suspended ceiling be required, and what do they actually do?

To understand the answer we must first look at how regular suspended ceilings work. As their name suggests, these products consist of strong lightweight frames filled with ceiling tiles, all of which hangs suspended from the real ceiling to conceal equipment above and provide an aesthetically pleasing image.

The problem is that many partitioning systems are built below this suspended ceiling, meaning that noise can travel above the partition and false ceiling, through the cavity and into other rooms and cubicles in the building. Here at C J Ceilings, we can supply specially designed acoustic tiles which deflect sound back into their area of origin, thus reducing the amount of intrusive noise.

This can be especially important in areas where confidentiality is paramount, such as in police stations, hospitals or prisons, but is equally essential for those wanting to conduct business transactions in privacy and tranquillity.

Remember that our acoustic suspended ceilings Manchester also work to prevent sounds radiating down from ceiling equipment housed above. This prevents heating and air conditioning units, plumbing or any other industrial device from disrupting the productivity of your establishment. For more information before you invest, please do not hesitate to ask questions of our knowledgeable team.

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