5 Considerations for Office Refurbishment London

Have you come into your office and noticed various flaws, from the flooring suffering from significant wear and tear, through to the working area appearing cluttered? If so, you could be in drastic need of an office refurbishment London which promises to breathe new life into your property whilst making it more appealing for visitors.

Fortunately, our team here at CJ Ceilings can work with you to create your ideal office space, which promises to dramatically improve the appearance of the working area and the workforce’s productivity. However, before we can begin carrying out the refurbishment, it’s important to ensure that each area of the office has been carefully considered, including the:


The layout of the office is one of the most important things to consider when carrying out a refurbishment, and for offices which are currently open plan, it’s possible to segregate various areas through the installation of partitions.

Our team have the skill-sets required to install a range of partitions from demountable partitioning London which can be moved around the office as and when required; through to glass partitions which whilst creating new areas, also enable a transparent view of the whole area.

Acoustic Structure:

As the office expands, so does the noise created. Fortunately, with the installation of suspended ceilings which offer excellent acoustic benefits, the noise can be reduced, maintaining a pleasant working environment for all.


On a daily basis your office flooring will come under constant strain from staff and customers walking across it, through to office chairs being pushed around upon its surface. It’s therefore important to ensure you choose a flooring solution which will be durable.


As much as we’d all like to have natural light filling the office during working hours, this isn’t always possible. It’s therefore important that you adequately plan the installation of various lighting in the office.


Although many see it as one of the most important parts of refurbishing an office, the decorating should be left until everything else has been completed. If you’re unsure of what furniture will work best in your new office, our experienced team will be able to offer advice and guidance. For more information surrounding our office refurbishment London service or to receive a quote; contact us via 0208 5681077.

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